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Our Founder

On Monday, 11 August, 2003, two months before her 95th birthday, Elisabeth Pletscher died from complications after a tragic traffic accident. I vividly remember my youngest son, returning from a festival in the city last year, telling us of an impressive old lady among the participants who gave a speech and then celebrated with the group of teenagers. “She was really super, everybody was very attentive and listened closely”. When we asked him who this lady was, he replied that her name was Mrs. Pletscher.


The history of IFBLS: From IAMLT to IFBLS – Fifty-four Years of Good Laboratory Practices

The history of IFBLS   Saminathan Ratanam presented in 2008 the history of IFBLS in the booklet "From IAMLT to IFBLS – Fifty-four Years of Good Laboratory Practices".  

In 1954, at the invitation of Ms. Elisabeth Pletscher and her Swiss colleagues, the first international gathering of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT’s) also known as Biomedical Laboratory Scientists together with radiographers took place in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Many times, throughout the history of IAMLT, people associated with the IAMLT have written and referred to the 1954 gathering as a very significant event. It established an international understanding and cooperation among Medical Laboratory Technologists from all over the world.

Read more in the booklet "From IAMLT to IFBLS – Fifty-four Years of Good Laboratory Practices" which is now available as a download. Please click here for a copy of The history of IFBLS. Read and enjoy!