Volunteers Needed For CLSI Project: Fungal Cultures

Volunteers Needed For CLSI Project: Specimen Collection, Handling, Processing, Set-up, and Interpretation of Fungal Cultures
Due 27 February 2009

Despite there being many excellent mycology reference books and manuals to assist the laboratorian, there is no consensus on practice for specimen collection and transport, direct examination of clinical specimens, specimen preparation, media selection, plating, duration of culture incubation, and identification. Thus, the intent of this document will be the creation of a standard for procedures for the collection of fungal specimens, their handling, processing, and interpretation of culture results.

Specific Expertise/Work Experience Needed:
Representation from users (health care centers and reference laboratories) with experience collecting, transporting, processing, and culturing primary specimens for fungi.
Representation from regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies (eg, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, College of American Pathologists).

Interested in volunteering to serve as a subcommittee member?
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