IFBLS Committee Structure

IFBLS has five Committees as follows:  Management Committee, Membership Committee, Development Committee, Scientific Committee and Awards Committee.

The Management Committee is comprised of three Officers of the organization and has the power to make decisions regarding the management and administration of IFBLS.

The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding applications for recognition of Association Members and other matters pertaining to the growth of IFBLS.

The Development Committee is responsible for identifying development projects which call for biomedical experience or expertise in resource limited countries and for establishing co-operation between leaders of those projects and Association Members who are able to use their biomedical skills to assist those needs.

The Scientific Committee is responsible for promoting scientific standards and for developing special interest groups in the various branches of biomedical science.  This Committee also provides support to the World Health Organization Liaison Officer and the Clinical Laboratory Standards International Liaison Officer regarding scientific matters of relevance to biomedical scientists.

The Awards Committee is responsible for the administration of the Awards Program.  This Committee also actively seeks sponsorship opportunities for the Awards Program.