IJBLS Vol 9 No 1 1 31We are excited to announce the latest edition of the International Journal of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IJBLS) has been published. International Journal of Biomedical Laboratory Science(IJBLS) Vol. 9, No. 1:1-31


The Journal has the following articles:

Septicemia: An Extreme Host Response to a Global Healthcare Problem

Patricia Tille, Hassan Aziz, Janice Conway-Klaassen

Role of the Microbiology Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Sepsis

Hassan Aziz, Linda L. Ross, Janice Conway-Klaassen, Patricia Tille

Rapid Identification of Pathogens Recovered from Blood Stream Infections

Hassan Aziz, Linda L. Ross, Patricia Tille, Janice Conway-Klaassen

The Use of Biomarkers in the Diagnosis and Management of Sepsis

Janice Conway-Klaassen, Patricia Tille, Hassan Aziz